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Education Minister Hon. Douglas Syakalima says education is a catalyst needed to bring about constructive social change.

Hon. Syakalima says knowledge and skills acquired in education institutions are useful tools that help bring about development in various sectors of society.

The Minister was speaking in Kabwe on Friday 10th November, 2023 when he officiated at the 10th graduation ceremony of the Kwame Nkrumah University.

The graduation was held under the theme: ” Serving for Excellence”.

The Minister said the degrees and certificates awarded are a calling to the recipients to serve the country with responsibility and integrity.

” I urge you now to go and make a difference in society and serve with integrity. Use the skills you have acquired at this University to bring about real positive change not only at individual level but for future generations as well.” Hon. Syakalima said.

And the Minister said he was excited to learn that the University is in the process of introducing a school of Agriculture science.

He said the country has very little teachers of Agriculture Science and the move taken by Kwame Nkrumah University is a step in the right direction.

He pointed out that Zambia is blessed with abundant arable land that need to be effectively used for the betterment of the country 

but that without sufficient knowledge about agriculture the land remains underutilised.

And Central Province Minister, Princess Kasune urged the graduates to use the knowledge gained to add value to the country.

Meanwhile Kwame Nkrumah University, Vice Chancellor Prof. Alfred Mwanza said the University is proud of the achievement gained by the graduates.

He said the graduating students have been equipped with relevant modern skills to go and serve the country effectively.

Prof. Mwanza added that the University is confident that the graduates are equal to the task ahead.

And speaking on behalf of all the graduating students, Natasha Mumba said the students are ripe and ready to work and make a difference.

She added that the graduates are reminded that true greatness is achieved by the impact made on others.

Ms. Mumba said students are aware that government has placed Employment creation as a priority.

She noted that the employment of over 30,000 teachers last year and the ongoing recruitment of 4500 teachers gives the graduating students confidence that they too will be employed. #moeccommunications.

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