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Education Minister, Hon. Douglas Syakalima has announced that the 2023 Grade 12 results for Kamwala Secondary School in Lusaka will be withheld if it, established that the former pupils were involved in the burning to ashes of the Head teacher’s Office, School Bus and a Zamtel Control room.


The Minister said the results will only be released once the former pupils pay for the damaged property.


Hon. Syakalima, who toured the Kamwala Secondary School to check on the burnt property, said if investigations establish that the former Grade 12 pupils were involved in the incident they will all be surcharged for damaging public property.


He said it is unfortunate that such barbaric acts can be happening at the time government is spending a lot of tax payers money to provide for free education.


The Minister who was flanked by Lusaka District Commissioner, Mrs. Rose Zulu and Lusaka District Education Board Secretary, Ian Miyoba, has assured the country that his Ministry will allow law enforcement agencies to carry out a thorough investigation into the matter and culprits will be brought to book.


“If it is established that pupils were involved, they will not see their results. All parents and guardians will be surcharged. The Ministry will not pay for the destruction of property through this barbaric act. I have made it known that wherever learners destroy property on purpose, they will have to pay for it.”  Hon. Syakalima said.

He said pupils come from homes and it is the duty of both parents and teachers to complement each other in instilling discipline in the children.

The Minister urged Teachers to ensure that they play their role of ensuring that pupils are well behaved when in school and that parents and guardians should also play their role once learners are at home.

Meanwhile Hon. Syakalima has called on teachers to desist from engaging themselves in politics.

He said education institutions should not be used as political activism centers but as places to share skills and knowledge for the development of the country.

And Lusaka District Commissioner Rose Zulu said the burning to ashes of property at Kamwala Secondary School is a very sad development.

In the early hours of Saturday, 18th November 2023, fire swept through parts of the Kamwala Secondary School burning to ashes the Head teacher’s Office, a School Bus and a Zamtel Control room.

Investigations have been instituted into the matter and three Security guards at the School have been picked by Police to help with investigations.@moecommunications.

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