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Zambia Education Enhancement Project

The Government of the Republic of Zambia with support from the World Bank is implementing the Zambia Education Enhancement Project since 2018. The project is a $60 million five-year (2017 – 2022). Operation became effective on April 9, 2018 and being implemented by Ministry of Education (MOE). In May 2020, the project was approved by the World Bank Board to receive additional financing (AF) of US$120 million, making ZEEP a US$180 million operation. With the additional financing, the project’s scope has expanded and implementation period extended to 2025. 

The ZEEP AF project development objective (PDO) is to improve the quality of teaching and learning conditions in targeted primary and secondary schools and to increase access to secondary education focusing on girls. As such, ZEEP AF will support four areas including: –

 Improving the quality of teaching and learning conditions in language arts, science, and mathematics, in targeted primary and junior secondary schools

  • Increasing access to safe secondary schools
  • Strengthening institutional capacity for education service delivery and project management
  • Enhancing institutional capacity for implementation of safe school program

Each of these components will be led by respective Directorates who will be supported by other Directorates as well as other institutions within the MOE.

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Project Components

Component 1.1: Teacher Quality

  1. Strengthening the Teacher Training System
  2. Improving Teacher Competencies and Skills
  3. Improving Learner Outcomes
  • 382 Pilot Schools in all the 10 Provinces
  • 12 Colleges of Education
  • (ToTs) 764 Teachers and 60 Lecturers
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