Quality, lifelong education for all which is accessible, inclusive and relevant to the individual, national and global needs and value systems.

About Ministry of Education

The Ministry of Education is responsible for overseeing Early Childhood Education, Primary education, secondary education, colleges of teacher education and public Universities in Zambia. In addition to formal education system, there is a non-formal education system that operates to serve among others, persons with disabilities, displaced persons, school age children who have either dropped out of school, never attended formal school or geographically isolated children, orphans and children on the street and those working. The Ministry recognizes alternative approaches to schooling, which include; community schools and alternative education provision through interactive radio programmes, television programmes learning (technology enabled learning), open learning programmes and distance education programmes. In addition, literacy education to youths and adults is also provided.

Medu 2023

To provide quality, life long education for all that is accessible, inclusive and relevant to individual, national and global needs and value systems.

             To enable and provide an education system that will meet the needs of Zambia and its people.

The Mandate of the Ministry of Education (MEdu.) is to formulate and implement Education and Science Policies, set and enforce standards and regulations, licence, supervise and provide education and skills development, as well as promote science, technology and innovation education.

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