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Human Resource Administration and Management

The Directorate provides effective Human Resource Management, Leadership in addition to a mechanism for the Recruitment, Retention, Promotion, Separation and Handling of Disciplinary and Health related matters.

The Department also manages the training of the needs of the Ministry through the effective and accurate implementation of the Training Plan and Budget. This undertaking is the basis for improved productivity in the sector. 

Through the Training and Development Unit, the Directorate also coordinates in house training and development programmes, Monitors and Evaluates Human resource development activities, provides professional advice on Training and Development matters, provides secretarial services to the Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC) and processes all requests for Authority to travel Abroad for submission to Public Service Management Division (PSMD).


The Directorate of Human Resource and Administration is responsible for the provision of appropriate and effective intervention measures to enable the Ministry realise its vision and strategic Objectives.

The Mandate of the Directorate are discharged through the following Units:

. Human Resource Management and Development Section

. Human Resource Management Unit

. Human Resource Development Unit

. Administration Unit

. Public Relations Unit

. Records and Registry Unit

. HIV/AIDS and Wellness Unit

. Transport, Maintenance and security services

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